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About Us

Hey guys. My name is Chris Schwab and welcome to Schwab's Garage. I am the owner and operator of Schwab's HD Motorcycle Repair & Performance LLC. Motorcycles have been a passion of mine for about 25 years, particularly Harley Davidson motorcycles. Not only do I enjoy riding them but as long as I've been riding them, I've been wrenching on them.


In recent years, I've gone from wrenching on my own rides to wrenching on friend's rides, to friends of friends, to brothers and sisters that have heard of my work through the people I've done work for in the past and through social media. So this has motivated me build a shop at my home dedicated to working on Harleys, to getting my LLC, getting insured, and hopefully it will lead to a long term career change from engineering in the medical device industry (25+ years) to being my own boss working on Harleys full time. Eventually, building a full shop offsite is the goal as business continues to grow as it has but until then, I'll keep on with the home shop as the expenses are much more manageable and the overhead is minimal.


I specialize in a variety of services from the basics such as fluid changes, brake work, tires to handlebar/controls, full stereo installations, lighting upgrades, diagnostics, to performance upgrades such as exhaust work, cam installs, tuning, suspension and more. I am a local dealer for several companies such as DynoJet Motorcycle Fuel Management Systems, BikeTronics V-Twin Electronics, Glide-Pro Stabilizing Systems and Motor Mounts, Custom Dynamics LED Lighting, Fuel Moto, D&D Performance Exhausts, Eagle Lights, and continually working on getting dealer status with other top quality aftermarket products as well. I also generally carry a decent inventory of Redline Synthetic Products as well as Wizards Detailing Products.  


Given this is a 1 man show, ran out of my home shop, my machining capabilities are somewhat limited so I'm unable to offer full engine rebuild services so in those cases, I'd either farm out the machining work or would be happy to recommend some local reputable shops that are more qualified and capable of meeting your needs in those particular scenarios. 

So please, if you're looking to get some work done on your Harley, hit me up via phone, text, email, or through FB messenger on my FB business page linked to this site. I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you and taking care of your Harley repair, performance, and upgrade needs.


Ride safe my friends!


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